Board of Trustees

The purpose of the Council's work is to ensure the successful implementation of the goals and objectives of the Organization, coordinate the activities of its governing bodies. The Council of at least 12 members is elected by the Board of the Organization upon the recommendation of the President for a term of 4 years. The President of the Organization is a member of the Council ex officio. The Council has the right, by its decision, to co-opt into its membership new members of the Council with subsequent approval of the decision by the Board of the Organization.

The Board of Trustees is competent to:

  • submit proposals to the agenda of the Congress, the Presidium of the Board, the Board;
  • make proposals on the Organization’s participation in the international organizations;
  • make proposals on human resources matters for consideration by the governing bodies of the Organization;
  • make decisions on the forms and procedures for supporting the Organization.

Members of the Board of Trustees have the right to:

  • participate in the activities and programs of the Organization and its regional offices;
  • receive any information relating to the activities of the Organization;
  • give verbal and written recommendations to the Presidium of the Board, the Board of the Organization on any issues of the Organization's activities;
  • represent the interests of the Organization in the government bodies and local government, in relations with enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as individuals.

Members of the Board of Trustees shall refrain from actions which may harm the legitimate rights and interests or reputation of the Organization. The discharge of the duties of the members of the Board is voluntary, personal and gratuitous. The Council meets once every six months. Board meeting may be conducted without joint presence of its members. Organizational and technical support of the Board meetings is provided by the Executive Central Office of the Organization.

Sergey Borisov

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of “OPORA RUSSIA”

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